Guide to Instances in LOTRO

I'm working on adding some simple guides and summaries of the instances in LOTRO to help encourage people to try them. There's a lot of great content and stories tucked away in instances and they're fun! There's also some great scenery, puzzles and challenges and the ability to scale instances to suit the size and level of a group is awesome.

Scalable Instances

Note: The recommended group size is indicated in brackets.

  • The Road to Erebor Cluster
    This includes: Iorbar's Peak (3), Seat of the Great Goblin (3), Web of the Scuttledells (3), The Bells of Dale (6), Flight to the Lonely Mountain (12), The Fires of Smaug (12), The Battle of Erebor (12).
  • Annúminas Cluster
    This includes: Glinghant (6), Haudh Valandil (6), Ost Elendil (6).
  • Fornost Cluster
    This includes: Wraith of Water (6), Wraith of Earth (6), Wraith of Fire (6), Wraith of Shadow (6).
  • Mirobel Cluster
    This includes: The Library of Tham Mírdain (3), The School of Tham Mírdain (3).
  • Great Barrow Cluster
    This includes: The Maze (6), Thadúr (6), Sambrog (6).

Non-scalable Instances

Note: The recommended level is indicated in square brackets.
  • Moria Cluster (Part I) - 6 person instances
    This includes: The Forgotten Treasury [54], The Grand Stair [56].
  • Moria Cluster (Part II) - 6 person instances
    This includes: The Forges of Khazad-dûm [58], The Sixteenth Hall [58], Dark Delvings [58].

Crafting Instances

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